This multi-panel composition consists of six panels (12 x 12 inches). The five panels depicts five elements of nature: fire, soil, metal, water, wood. The soil is depicted in an abstract form (a mixture of orderly and chaotic forms in traditional colors). The metal is depicted in a symbolic way, reminiscent of rows of metal bars or pilings of sheet metal, symbolizing the order as on the warehouse of metal. hieroglyphs are chinese.

Traditional colors of the elements used In the pictures. OM-sign symbolizes the beginning of the Universe, the birth of Yin and Yang, from which are born all elements. All panels are the same size. Each can be installed at any place, or to make a composition in one place. Fans of Chinese philosophy and traditions can use the composition for setting the right Feng Shui in the apartment.

Five elements and OM (Universe)

280,00 руб.Цена
  • Panels  12 * 12 inches. Canvas. Handmade stretcher. Palette knife, brush.  high-quality paint

  • The rools of return are discussed in correspondence.

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